Dipankar Bhattacharya

Socialism Is the Future of Humankind

THE WSF slogan or motto ‘another world is possible’ has quite understandably given rise to widespread political debates. In contrast to the triumphalist bourgeois claim of “there is no alternative,” the WSF slogan did reflect the popular yearning for a progressive alternative to the decadent and oppressive capitalist order. It also exuded a resolute optimism and even enthusiasm for such an alternative world order.

Against Imperialism :: For A Glorious Socialist Future



The Indian Institute of Marxist Studies has produced this booklet compiling articles, speeches, notes and interviews representing CPI(ML)’s views on imperialist globalisation and the Party's commitment to the vision of glorious socialist future of the humankind.

Arindam Sen is a Central Committee Member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) and Director of Indian Institute of Marxist Studies.

Vinod Mishra was General Secretary of CPI(ML) from 1974 to the day of his untimely demise on 18 December 1998.

Bathani Tola-II And The Historical Backdrop of Bihar’s Battle for Justice and Democracy

SIXTEEN years ago 21 people – almost all of them women and children including infants – had been butchered in broad daylight in Bathani Tola in central Bihar’s Bhojpur district. That was when the country woke up to the existence of this obscure hamlet and the sordid reality of the Ranveer Sena, a feudal private army that went on to perpetrate a series of horrific massacres in the late 1990s, killing hundreds of people all over central Bihar.

India Does Not Need SEZs – the SEZ Act Will Have to Go!

EVEN as the Congress and the CPI(M) and their respective governments in New Delhi and Kolkata are busy covering up the state-sponsored barbarism in Nandigram, the ‘empowered group of union ministers’ has cleared the deck for the government’s SEZ campaign with only a few minor modifications in the SEZ policy. There will now be a cap on the size of SEZs – individual SEZs will henceforth not exceed 5,000 hectares. Half of the area in an SEZ will now be earmarked for the main processing activity with the other half still left free for real estate business.

Peasants on Warpath in West Bengal: Unmask CPI(M)’s Desperate Search for ‘Marxist’ Cover

Three Decades of Uninterrupted CPI(M) Rule...

IN May 2006, the CPI(M) had won one of its most spectacular electoral victories in West Bengal. The CPI(M)-led Left Front government returned to power for the seventh successive term. The main opposition party in the state, the Trinamool Congress, had failed to win even thirty seats while the CPI(M) alone had romped home with an absolute majority and the Left Front as a whole had won four out of every five seats.

All Roads Lead to Singur in Buddha’s Bengal

IS there at all any case for a debate and agitation over Singur? The CPI(M) leadership would like us to believe there is absolutely none and that the people questioning the great Singur model of industrialisation and rehabilitation are either stupid or mad or driven by ulterior motives. Some members of the CPI(M) Polit Bureau and Central Committee have even attributed the parentage of the whole campaign to defend the people’s right to their land and livelihood to corporate rivals of the Tata group.