Vinod Mishra


IF a colossal miscarriage allowed social-democracy to blow in full bloom in the Indian Communist movement, to be sure, social-democrats too had to pay a heavy penalty for their victory : doomed as an essentially regional force, they could never really make any dent in the Hindi hear-land. What else can one infer from the CPI(M)’s total failure to make any headway in Bihar despite presiding over a full-fledged model of social-democracy in neighbouring West Bengal for no less than nine years in succession.


Comrade Vinod Mishra wrote this for a Hindi edition of the Communist Manifesto  published by Samkaleen Prakashan, Patna, in November 1998.

THE Congress of the Communist League held in London in November 1847 had commissioned Marx and Engels to write a ‘detailed theoretical and practical programme for the Party’. Accordingly Marx and Engels drafted the Communist Manifesto in January 1848, the first German edition of which came out just a few weeks before revolution broke out in France on 24 February, 1848.

Marxism Will Have To Be Defended Through Its Enrichment

A few words about the international communist movement. The collapse of the Soviet bloc and the far-reaching changes in China have drastically changed the scenario of the international communist movement. The old division between pro-Soviet and pro-Chinese parties, a legacy of the Great Debate of the ’60s, has become irrelevant. The Soviet collapse, however, has brought about a reorganisation of communist parties and communist platforms in Russia as well as in several East European countries. These parties are reassessing their past, particularly the harmful effects of revisionism.

“Marxism needs a work comparable to Das Kapital …”

[Interview by Kalpana Wilson of South Asia Solidarity Group taken in March 1994.]

Can you explain how you see the current so-called crisis of socialism which has followed the collapse of the Soviet Union ?

I essentially think that socialism itself is not a complete or stable system. Socialism is meant to be a transitory system, between capitalism and communism. So it is a very specific phenomenon.

Against Imperialism :: For A Glorious Socialist Future



The Indian Institute of Marxist Studies has produced this booklet compiling articles, speeches, notes and interviews representing CPI(ML)’s views on imperialist globalisation and the Party's commitment to the vision of glorious socialist future of the humankind.

Arindam Sen is a Central Committee Member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) and Director of Indian Institute of Marxist Studies.

Vinod Mishra was General Secretary of CPI(ML) from 1974 to the day of his untimely demise on 18 December 1998.